Sims 4 Rules

Update History

  • 8/22/2018 – Overhauled everything.
    • Added in all Expansions, Game Packs and Stuff Packs.
  • 1/31/2017 – Major Renovation.
    • Updated: Adding rooms from the Gallery.
    • Updated:  Ghost children from the Wishing Well.
    • Updated:  Grim Reaper child method.
    • New Optional Rule:  Paint a portrait, write a book or take a photo of every father.
  • 1/29/2017 – Added Vampires

The Goal

  • The goal of this challenge is to have 26 children with 26 different men (or women).
  • To start, create a single male or female young adult Sim in CAS.  You may choose the aspiration, traits, appearance, and personality however you like or you can use Pinstar’s Random Sim Generator.
  • If you choose to start with a male sim, you must have the “Able to get pregnant” option checked in CAS
    • He may only impregnate one sim, the spouse.  
    • The spouse can be male or female.  
    • You may use cheats to change your sim’s option to “Get others pregnant” one time and only for the “Z” baby.
  • Your Sim may identify as feminine or masculine, no matter what gender you choose to start with.
  • You may play on Long, Normal or Short lifespans, bonuses for each are listed below.
  • You may go into Manage Worlds at the beginning of the challenge to add lots, sims, and venues.

General Rules

  • Move your sim into any home or empty lot she can afford.
    • Once there, she may only move when she can afford to. When she moves, her entire household must come with her.
  • You may get lots and rooms off of the gallery.
  • You may add sims from the gallery before the challenge starts.  After that, you may not add any new sims this way.
  • Your Sim can live in any Neighborhood.  This can be a completely empty world
    • Don’t empty Windenburg!  (it has to keep its population due to the Club aspect of the game).
  • Your sim can have any job and aspiration.
  • To complete the challenge, your sim will have to live a long time. All means of lengthening his/her life built into the game are permissible. The same goes for his/her husband, if necessary.  If you use Potions of Youth, any sim with 1,500 may supply the mother and spouse with them. They can be saved up and stored in a locked room or inventory.
  • See below regarding the death of your sim.
  • Only your sims and the spouse may use Potions of Youth.
  • You may form groups and you may do group activities on or off the home lot.
  • When traveling within Sims 4, you can take whoever you want in the pop up list.
  • You may switch between aspirations freely.
  • All careers and aspirations are allowed.
    • You may switch aspirations at will to get more reward points.
  • Babies and toddlers may go to daycare if you travel to other neighborhoods for man/woman hunting or collecting.
  • Only a spouse or a teen with a job may hire a nanny.
  • You may enable emotions on all objects to help your children

The Children

  • Toddlers and older should use Pinstar’s Random Sim Generator.
    • There is a mod on MTS that makes traits and aspirations random, this is allowed also.
  • The children should be named in order of the alphabet.  The challenge is complete when baby “Z” becomes a Young Adult.
  • One pregnancy must result in twins.
  • One pregnancy must result in triplets.
    • Twins and triplets still count as one pregnancy.
  • You must have one alien pregnancy through abduction.  The Satellite is useful here if you go through the Scientist career. 
    • No cheating career reward objects.
  • You may have an alien pregnancy through regular woohoo, but it does not count towards the Occult points.
  • You may allow children to age up on their own OR bake them a cake when their age bar has sparklies and says 0 days left.
    • Just note that they will cry for two days if they don’t get a cake.
  • When children age up to young adult, they have 12 hours to move out.

Aging Up

  • Infants: You may not age up infants early.
  • Toddlers:  Toddlers may age up on their own or you may cake a toddler when they either have
    • Level 3 in all five toddler skills for the Happy Toddler trait.
      Level 5 in all skills (except potty) for the Top-Notch Toddler trait.

      • Bonus points if you choose this option.
  • Children:  Children may age up on their own or you may cake them when they have:
    • An A+ in school.
    • Have one good friend who is not a family member.
      • They may choose to have a best friend instead.
    • Have completed their child aspiration.  
  • Teens:  You may cake teens when they have:
    • An A+ in school
    • Have two good friends or a best friend and a good friend.
    • A boyfriend/girlfriend that culminates in exchanging promise rings
    • Reach the top of a teen career.
  • Children and teens may share good friends, but they cannot share best friends.
  • Mods to allow for more than one best friend is not allowed.

Nannies, Butlers & Daycare

  • Babies and toddlers can always go to daycare.
  • If your sim has a GTW career as a Scientist, Doctor and Detective, you must go with that sim to work at least 75% of the time.
    • The Spouse may not have a GTW career.
  • Nannies:
    • Only a spouse or a teen may call for a nanny and only when they leave for work/school.
  • Butlers are allowed.  
    • They must be hired by a teen or spouse.  
    • They must have their own room with bed.
    • They must be instructed NOT to help with minors.
      • Exemption:  Butlers care for babies and disregard the instruction to ignore minors.

Expansion Packs

The following rules cover the expansion packs. You can safely disregard any expansion pack sections you don’t have installed.

Get To Work

  • Owning your own business is allowed.
  • Babies and toddlers may go to daycare.
    • Nanny:  Refer to the Nanny rules.
  • You may choose to bring your toddlers with you.
  • Teens who have an A in school are allowed to help out.
  • The Detective, Doctor, and Scientist careers are allowed.  You must travel to work with your sim at least 75% of the time..

Get Together

  • You may join any club.
  • Clubs must gather on your lot.
  • You may only create a family club.  You can create as many as is allowed.
  • As the name says, only family members are allowed in it.  
  • This can include fathers of children toddler and up.
  • Grown children are allowed to join
  • Random sims are not.
  • Any and all perks are allowed.
  • Yes, you can make them clean your house and help the others do homework.

City Living

  • Feel adventurous? Then try doing this in an apartment!
  • You may freely give out apartment keys to any children that have moved out.
  • Remember, you can move at any time.

Lot traits

  • Apartment: If you live in an apartment, lot traits that are already there cannot be removed.  You can use any empty lot traits spaces freely.
  • House: If there are any lot traits already, you must keep those.  Any empty slots can be used freely.
    • You may change those lot traits at will.
    • On Ley Line is allowed to increase the chances of twins and triplets.

Cats & Dogs

    • You may run your own Vet Clinic
      • Teens may help you out.
    • You may have pets.
      • Just remember that they do take up space in your household.
    • Pet breeding is allowed.
    • Selling puppies and kittens is allowed.
    • Having Dogs go out hunting for stuff is allowed.
    • Having cats hunt for stuff and feathers is allowed.
      • You may sell the feathers.
      • You may collect all 12 and make the Spotted Sixam statue.
        • This statue may be sold.

Seasons – Still in testing

    • Seasons can be any length you want, but once you have decided, you may never change their length again.
    • The weather controlling machine is allowed.
    • Beehives are allowed
    • Patchy the Straw Man is allowed
    • The new Gardening Career is allowed
    • The Scouts after school activity is allowed for children and teens.
    • Flower arranging is allowed   However,
      • Scenting the flowers with the death flower scent is not allowed.
        • It ages up the person it is gifted to
        • If gifted to an elder, they die.

Pre-Made Holidays

    • New Year’s Eve
      • Everyone can participate and do all the requirements.
    • Love Day
      • Adults
      • Teens are allowed to participate as long as they have a boyfriend/girlfriend.
    • Harvestfest
      • This is fun for the whole family.
    • Winterfest
      • You may fill up the present boxes.
      • Everyone may ask Father Winter for presents.
      • No on may fight Father Winter for presents.


    • All calendar holidays are allowed.
    • You may add one custom holiday per season.  These holidays can be anything you want.
    • You may not edit or delete any of the random holidays provided by the game.
      • You do not need to participate in these if you do not want to.


  • I am including this because my family just got hit with $86,000 in bills.

Game Packs

The following rules cover the game packs. You can safely disregard any game pack sections you don’t have installed.

Outdoor Retreat

  • You can go on vacation anytime you want, but the whole family must go with you.
    • If your sim is pregnant or has babies, no vacation is allowed.
  • You can stay anywhere that you can afford and for however long you like.
  • The Hermit (see father section).
  • You can use tents on the home lot.

Spa Day

  • You may place the lot at the beginning of the challenge
  • All Yoga and Meditation interactions are allowed.
  • You may use the Fertility Massage in the hopes of Twins or Triplets.  
    • This must be done by the spouse and he must have level 9 in the wellness skill.

Dine Out

    • You may run your own restaurant business.
    • Teens may help you as long as they have an A in school.
    • At the beginning of the challenge you may enter Managing Worlds and go into each restaurant to alter menus and staff outfits.


    • Your sim may not be a vampire.
    • The spouse can be a vampire.
      • He/she must get level 15 vampire lore before fathering the last child.
      • He must collect fish or frogs and make his own plasma packs or he may have children and teens help out.
      • The spouse is allowed to Detect Personality so that you can learn stuff about potential donors.
      • The spouse is only allowed to turn sims if he/she is doing a Vampire aspiration.
    • The pipe organ is allowed.


    • IMO The parenting skill is the most important one.
      • Super Efficient Baby Care trait (earned at level 10 parenting skill) is most definitely allowed.
    • Discipline of any kind is allowed.
    • All gameplay objects are allowed
      • Buildem Blocks Play table
      • Bulletin Board
      • Doctor Play sets
      • Private Journal
      • School projects.
        • All projects must be completed within two days of the child/teen bringing it home.
        • All children can help out their siblings.
        • Adults in the house or in clubs may also help out.

Character Values

  • All teens now must have at least three good character values within trait range before their birthday.
  • OR
  • They may have three bad character values.
  • You may do anything in your power to encourage these traits.
  • When asked for advice, you must always choose an option.

Jungle Adventure

    • The whole family must travel with you.
    • You may use the relic to summon a skeleton who is allowed to care for the children.
    • You may level up your Selvadoradian culture.
    • All gameplay objects are allowed for use.

Stuff Packs

The following rules cover the stuff packs. You can safely disregard any stuff pack sections you don’t have installed.

Luxury Party Stuff

  • Fountain of Mirth is allowed at parties only.
    • Buffet tables are allowed for home use if you cook your own foods to add to it.
    • Buffet tables are allowed for parties without restriction.

Perfect Patio Stuff

  • There are no restrictions to this pack.

Cool Kitchen Stuff

  • All ice cream and moodlets are allowed.
  • Plantsim is only a four hour moodlet and green colored skin.


  • Sims can now become PlantSims by eating a Forbidden Fruit, which is obtained by entering the Mystical Magic Bean Portal Tree. Firstly Sims must collect six magical beans (flirty, confident, sad, uncomfortable, tense, playful and angry) from random Plantsims, who appear occasionally in each neighborhood. They also have to call Jasmine Holiday, a challenge coordinator in order to get a magical stump, where they can put on the six magical beans. When the sim has collected all the beans and has put them on the magical stump, they can water the stump and it will grow into the “Mystical Magic Bean Portal Tree”. By entering the tree, Sims can obtain the Forbidden Fruit through answering correctly a text-message short adventure. Once they obtain the fruit, Sims can eat it and become PlantSims or plant it and grow more Forbidden Fruits. PlantSims have two different needs from normal Sims; a special Water need, which replaces the Bladder need and a special Hunger need, which focuses on sunlight. They also have special moodlets for being out in the sun or in water which boost their happiness. PlantSimism lasts for 5 days and can be reapplied by eating more Forbidden Fruits.
  • If you get pregnant while in a Plantsim state like this, you can check this off the Occult list.
  • I have received the magic beans from rare plant packes (level 10 gardening).  I just did not know until now what they were for.

Spooky Stuff

    • There are no restrictions on the use of this pack.

Movie Hangout Stuff

  • There are no restrictions on the use of this pack.

Romantic Garden Stuff – Still in Testing

  • The Wishing Well is allowed.
  • Your teen may wish for romance.
  • Your sims or teens may wish for Simoleans.
  • Your sims may not wish for happiness as death is one of the results.
  • You may not wish for Youth as one of the results is death.
  • Children and Teens may wish for better grades.
  • Your sims may not wish for a promotion as one of the results is death.
  • You may wish for a child, but only a ghost child will be counted for points.
    • That means that if a child is not brought in a ghost, you must raise this child with no points at all and he must abide all child age up rules.  I would suggest not making a wish until you see that the well face is angry. Use this when deciding if this is the right option for you.
    • Remember that if the wish goes wrong, bad things happen.
      • The chances for death are extreme.  If you want to test the Wishing Well, I would suggest having moodlet solvers in their inventory and have them take it immediately.
      • This has not been tested.
      • You may make offerings to the Well in order to improve its mood.

Kids Room Stuff

    • There are no restrictions on the use of this pack.

Backyard Stuff

  • There are no restrictions on the use of this pack.

Vintage Glamour Stuff

    • Butlers:  Please see that corresponding section above.
    • There are no other restrictions on the use of this pack.

Bowling Night Stuff

    • There are no restrictions on the use of this pack.
    • You may build or place a bowling alley prior to the challenge start.

Fitness Stuff

    • There are no restrictions on the use of this pack.

Toddler Stuff

    • There are no restrictions on the use of this pack.

Laundry Day Stuff

    • There are no restrictions on the use of this pack.

My First Pet Stuff

    • There are no restrictions on the use of this pack.


  • Aliens
    • A human and an alien through regular woohoo will have a hybrid baby (alien in appearance with no special powers).
  • Vampires
    • There is a 50/50 chance that a human and vampire will produce a baby vampire.  You can tell at the toddler stage where the
  • Plantsim
    • Please check under Cool Kitchen Stuff above.


  • Total Pregnancies
    • 26 points possible
  • Lifespan
    • Short (worth 0.3 points)
    • Normal (worth 0.2 points)
    • Long (worth 0.1 points)
    • Custom aging/aging mod (no bonus)

The Family Points


  • Child
    • 26 points possible
    • A child aspiration may only be completed one time per child.
  • Artistic Prodigy
  • Rambunctious Scamp
  • Social Butterfly
  • Whiz Kid
  • Teen/Adult
    • 1.0 points per aspiration achieved (33 possible points)
    • An aspiration may only be completed one time.
    • This can be completed by anyone in the house.
  • Animal
    • Friend of the Animals
  • Athletic
    • Bodybuilder
  • Creativity
    • Painter Extraordinaire
    • Musical Genius
    • Best Selling Author
  • Deviance
    • Public Enemy
    • Chief of Mischief
  • Family
    • Successful Lineage
    • Big Happy Family
    • Vampire Family (vampire spouse only)
    • Super Parent
  • Food
    • Master Chef
    • Master Mixologist
  • Fortune
    • Fabulously Wealthy
    • Mansion Baron
  • Knowledge
    • Renaissance Sim
    • Nerd Brain
    • Computer Whiz
    • Master Vampire (vampire spouse only)
    • Archaeology Scholar
  • Love
    • Serial Romantic
    • Soulmate
  • Location
    • City Native
  • Nature
    • Freelance Botanist
    • The Curator
    • Angling Ace
    • Outdoor Enthusiast
    • Jungle Explorer
  • Popularity
    • Joke Star
    • Party Animal
    • Friend of the World
    • Leader of the Pack
    • Good Vampire (vampire spouse only)


  • 0.1 point for each child or teen career topped.


  • Scouts
    • 0.1 extra points for each badge earned.

Teen Career

  • Babysitter
  • Barista
  • Fast Food Employee
  • Manual Laborer
  • Retail Employee


Toddler Skills

  • 0.1 point for each toddler who gains the Happy Toddler trait (all skills to level 3).
  • 0.1 extra point for each toddler that gets the Top-Notch Toddler trait (all skills to level 5, except potty)
    • Potty (maxed at level 3)
    • Communication
    • Thinking
    • Movement
    • Imagination

Child Skills – Testing the unlocks.

  • 0.1 point per child skill maxed
  • Creativity
    • Level 10 unlocks Violin and Piano skills.
  • Mental
    • Level 10 unlocks Fishing, Logic and Video Gaming
  • Motor
    • Level 10 unlocks nothing.
  • Social
    • Level 10 unlocks Charisma and Mischief.

Adult Skills

  • 0.1 point per maxed level 10 skill 
  • 0.05 points per maxed level 5 skill.
  • This can be achieved with children, teens, and parents.
    • Archaeology
    • Baking (Get to Work)
    • Bowling (Bowling Night Stuff, maxes at level 5)
    • Charisma
    • Comedy
    • Cooking
    • Dancing (Get Together, maxes at level 5)
    • DJ (Get Together)
    • Fishing
    • Fitness
    • Flower Arranging (Seasons)
    • Gardening
    • Gourmet Cooking
    • Guitar
    • Handiness
    • Herbalism
    • Logic
    • Mischief
    • Mixology
    • Painting
    • Parenting (Parenthood)
    • Pet Training (C&D, maxes at level 5)
    • Photography (Get to Work, maxes at level 5)
    • Piano
    • Pipe Organ (Vampires)
    • Programming
    • Rocket Science
    • Selvadoradian Culture
    • Singing (City Living)
    • Vampire Lore (Vampires, 15 levels)
    • Veterinarian (C&D)
    • Video Games
    • Violin
    • Wellness (Spa Day)
    • Woodworking (Outdoor Retreat)
    • Writing

Reward Traits Bought: (worth 0.42 points; 0.01 each) or for every reward points you do not use for your sim, you may add 0.05 per reward.  You should calculate this at the end of the challenge by counting the rewards your sim has available and can afford but which she has not purchased.

  • Always Welcome
  • Gym Rat
  • Observant
  • Speed Cleaner
  • Great Storyteller
  • Heat Acclimation
  • Cold Acclimation
  • Waterproof
  • Mentor
  • Morning Sims
  • Night Owl
  • Speed Reader
  • Storm Chaser
  • Free Services
  • Marketable
  • Stoves and Grills Master
  • Creative Visionary
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Frugal
  • Independent
  • Shameless
  • Steel Bladder
  • Incredibly Friendly
  • Heat Proof
  • Ice Proof
  • Beguiling
  • Antiseptic
  • Carefree
  • Connections
  • Fertile
  • Great Kisser
  • Hardly Hungry
  • Professional Slacker
  • Savant
  • Seldom Sleepy
  • Super Green Thumb
  • Needs No One
  • Forever Fresh
  • Forever Full
  • Never Weary
  • Sincere
  • Memorable

The Spouse (worth 0.1 bonus + variable bonus)

  • Your sim must marry before the conception of her last child. You may marry at any point prior. The spouse may not move in until it’s time to get married. They must marry.  The last child must be his.
  • For every child conceived at home after the marriage, not counting the last one, you may add 0.01 to your bonus.
  • The spouse must be abducted and provide one alien child.
  • The spouse must father the “Z” child.
  • The spouse can have any job (except GTW careers) and any aspiration.
    • If he is a vampire, he may do all of those aspirations.
  • He must remain alive until the end of the challenge.
    • What if your sim’s husband dies? I don’t want this to be the sort of challenge you can fail through unintentional mishap.
  • If your sim’s husband dies, whether it be an accident or not, you have three choices.
  • Plead with Grim.  If this fails, move on to one of the other options.
  • You can resurrect him. You may wish for this on the Wishing Well (bad things may happen though)
  • You can write a Book of Life for him (he must be alive when you write it)
  • You can make Ambrosia.  
  • Doing any of these will result in no penalty, but you may not count any at-home conceptions for a bonus from the time of his death until he becomes playable again.
  • Your sim may remarry, however, none of the bonus for at-home conceptions with her first husband count because, as it turned out, he wasn’t the one with whom she needed a relationship good enough to conceive her youngest child.  You may begin to obtain at-home conception bonus points with her new husband once she remarries. If you choose this route, there’s a price: a 27th child. A second husband must father two children with your sim. Only the first will count toward the base score so that it may not exceed 26. If, for whatever reason, a third husband is necessary, he must father three children, and so on for any subsequent husbands.

The Fathers

Each father can fill multiple sections.

Hair Color (worth 0.26 points; 0.1 each)

  • A hair color is only counted one time.
  • EA has 18 different swatches of base game hair color.

Untitled-2.jpg Taken from Sims 4 Studio

  • Black
  • Dark Brown
  • Brown
  • Red
  • Auburn
  • Orange
  • Blonde
  • Dirty Blonde
  • Platinum
  • White
  • Grey
  • Purple pastel
  • Hot Pink
  • Dark Blue
  • Turquoise
  • Green
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Black Salt & Pepper
    • 8 custom colored hairs can be used to make up the difference.
    • 26 custom colors may be used for a Berry experience.  Colors may only be counted once.

Eye Color (worth 0.26 points; 0.1 each)

  • Human Eyes (18 available)
    • Black
    • Dark Brown
    • Brown
    • Light Brown
    • Hazel Green
    • Hazel Olive Green
    • Green
    • Light Green
    • Hazel Blue Dark
    • Hazel Blue
    • Aqua
    • Light Blue
    • Blue
    • Dark Blue
    • Gray
    • Hazel Gray Brown
    • Amber
    • Purple
  • Alien eyes (Only one)
    • Alien Black
    • Alien Galaxy Blue
    • Alien Galaxy Green
    • Alien Starburst Gray
    • Alien Starburst Purple
    • Alien Starburst Teal
    • Alien Veins Green
    • Alien Veins Purple
    • Alien Veins White
  • Vampire Eyes (Only one)
    • Vampire Black
    • Vampire Blue on Black
    • Vampire Green (looks yellow to me)
    • Vampire Ice Blue
    • Vampire Purple
    • Vampire Red
    • Vampire White
    • Vampire Yellow
    • Vampire Red on Black
    • Vampire Evil Clone Red
  • 6 custom colored eyes can be used past the 18 EA colors
    • You may choose to do all Berry sims. 26 custom colored eyes may be used as long as no color is counted more than once.

Career (worth 1.7 points; 0.1 each)

  • Astronaut
  • Athletic
  • Business
  • Criminal
  • Critic
  • Culinary
  • Detective
  • Doctor
  • Entertainer
  • Gardener
  • Painter
  • Politician
  • Scientist
  • Secret Agent
  • Social Media
  • Tech Guru
  • Unemployed
  • Writer

Festival Fathers (worth 0.5 points; 0.1 each)

  • Flea Market
  • GeekCon
    • Extra 0.1 point if the father is wearing a Cosplay Costume
  • Humor & Hijinks Festival
  • Romance Festival
  • Spice Festival

Neighborhood Fathers (worth 0.9 bonus)

  • Brindleton Bay
  • Forgotten Hollow
  • Granite Falls (travel)
  • Oasis Springs
  • San Myshuno
  • Selvadorada (travel)
  • Sixam (travel through portal, Scientist career requirement)
  • Willow Creek
  • Windenburg

NPC (worth 1.5 points).  Some NPC’s must move in to Try For Baby.  This is allowed, but the sim must be moved out after conception.

  • Grim Reaper (must be moved in, romanced a little bit, then taken into CAS and using            him and your mother to play with genetics, creating a toddler).
  • Maid
  • Nanny
  • Butler
  • Gardener
  • Pizza Delivery
  • Repairman
  • Caterer
  • Tragic Clown (A sim must be moved in, outfitted in the Tragic Clown clothing in CAS and then try for baby)
  • Entertainer
  • Mixologist
  • Masseuse
  • DJ
  • Mail Carrier
  • Father Winter

Occult (worth 0.3 bonus)

  • Alien
  • Vampire
  • A ghost child from wishing for a child with a death result (This counts as a pregnancy and can be renamed accordingly.  Romantic Garden Stuff required).


  • Paint a portrait, write a book, or take a photo of every father.  
  • +0.5 points if twins result beyond the single required set;
  • +1 point for triplets.
  • +5 additional points if that alien abduction results in an extra alien baby, beyond the required one..
  • +3 point, one-time bonus for adopting an infant.  This bonus is forfeited if your adopted child is removed by the social worker.  Your adopted children are eligible to earn you the same points as natural children.
  • +10 points for publishing your story. 

Bad Points

  • – 0.5 point for any child who is not a twin but shares a father with one of its siblings. In other words, two pregnancies by the same dad.
  • -1 point if you never have twins.
  • -1 point each time your sims dies (only counts if someone successfully pleads to Grim).  Otherwise, it’s game over.
  • – 5 points for every child taken by the social worker. You’re not having all these children just to give them away.  The father requirement of every child taken away must be cleared out. You must have replacement children to earn the goals back.
  • – 10 points for any (and every) child that dies.  This point loss does not apply to teens, who can look after themselves.  The father requirement of every child that dies must be cleared out. You must have replacement children to earn the goals back.
  • -10 points if your sim never marries.
  • -10 points every time your sim must remarry.
  • -50 points for every time you reload your save because something bad happened.  This obviously does not count for game crashes, glitches, or other technical issues. 

Cheats, Exploits and Mods

  • You may use MC Command center for story progression purposes.
  • Random Traits from MTS is allowed.
  • All building cheats are allowed.
  • If your sim dies and no one pleads for their life, you can go back to an earlier save one single time.
  • You may do anything in your power to fix a broken game.
  • Downloading rooms from the gallery is allowed, but utilizing the Masterpiece loophole, is not. 

Ending the Challenge:

  • The challenge ends when baby “Z” reaches Young Adult.
  • Your sim dies.

This challenge was cobbled together using the Sims 2 and Sims 3 versions as a base.  Thanks to Csquared for his previous WYDC rules and for letting me snatch pieces from both.