Sims 3

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  1. Additionally, Genies can be brought into the family until conception occurs, then they must go.

    Count the father’s job as the one at conception, since Story Progression might have him changing jobs numerous times throughout their lives.

    1. Does CSquared have these posted in a place where regular updates are added that I should link to (and can look at for reference)? I just have this page of yours linked now.

    1. Have fun when you do get around to doing it. I am hoping to do another one after Uni comes out next month.

      I will definitely give your legacy a look.

  2. Can we use testingcheatsenabled true? Do we marry every father? Do we have to marry if so? Can we be a single woman and dump the man every time you get pregnant? What cheats are we allowed? Thank you!

    1. No, you may not use testingcheats unless it is to fix your game and save it from death.

      You marry only one time and it must be before the last child is born since the husband will father the last child.

      If you do choose to be a single woman, you will lose the bonus for being married. You get a 0.1 bonus for being married and a 0.1 bonus for every child conceived at home while being married, which is a large amount of points. My Boo got married by the C child, I do believe, then he accidentally died and had to be resurrected, I had to make sure he was resurrected before the child was born or lose the 0.1 point. He did make it and fathered the Z triplets.

      In regards to the fathers, I spent two weeks building up Boo’s skills and reward points. She bought all romance and jealousy related rewards and never got past romantic interest with any father. She also made sure to dump them. I would at least get the no jealousy reward for the father. The marriage is a major aspect of the challenge, having children with men and not rousing the husbands suspicions.

      I would say all building cheats are allowed and nothing else. Do not max motives or cheat money, stuff like that. Resetsim is always allowed for me since my sims are normally idiots and get stuck a lot. I use Overwatch and Error Trap in all my games, I also use MasterController for having more than 8 in a household and using CAS on the kids.

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