Where Are They Now?

3 thoughts on “Where Are They Now?”

  1. Chocolate Whip looks like he should be an actor on a soap opera lol

    I can see a lot of Bronson in Rodolfo. Is he a son or grandson?
    It’s really funny to me seeing the Brood name all over with the rest of them. LoL

    Glen Sparks-Brood has the crazy eyebrows!

    Rosewood chose Mint. Good choice. *nod* I still heart her and Nova so much.

    “Supernova is a menace to women.” I died laughing when I read that.
    Jolene and Leigh are some weird looking sims.

    1. I agree about Chocolate Whip. Not bad looking at all.

      I’ll get back to you on Rodolfo. I can’t remember for the life of me. I think Bronson got married three or four times. Half the town has his last name attached to them LOL

      I have a problem with those icky eyebrows! I was going to change them, but never did.

      Jolene and Leigh are the ugliest things in town..lol

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