Epilogue: The Journey to YA

14 thoughts on “Epilogue: The Journey to YA”

  1. The triplets are all so pretty! Zircon and Zombie are my favorites.

    My fiance saw Grape at his birthday cake and asked, “Why is he cut like a Greek God?” LOL

    I knew Xanadu would look good!

    It was fun seeing all the kids again.

    1. LOL I was wondering the same thing. He wasn’t alive for very long and I think he only went into CAS once the whole time he was a ghost. I forgot what he looked like.

      I like the girls, but Zombie is okay too. Xanadu is my favorite of the guys.

      I had fun doing the Where are they now segment. I got to spend some time with all the family one on one. Poor Lucky Palms. I went a bit crazy. I think 30 babies are going to be born.

      1. Posted too fast. Thanks! I pushed through and got burned out. I haven’t done much of anything else for the past two weeks LOL

    1. That was a real big downer for me. I wanted more of a variety, but Boo came from a family in Starburst Shores (Berry’s remake) that were mostly orange/orange hair and eye coupling, her being the odd one out with the blue/blue both vied dominance. Her face came through a lot too. It was very aggravating since she had a lot of diverse looking guys pollinating her.

      I’m pondering doing a new one and having a white hair/eye combo with plainer features and see if that does the same thing.

      1. Well, Bebe’s kids all looked like her too, as have several other WYD families… I’d say the game skews to the mother, but then all Puddle Daye’s kids tend to have his genetics (most have his ghost shading and nearly all have his skin and hair colour)

  2. What a brilliant line-up of kids. it’s crazy how often the orange hair eyes came back!
    I enjoyed your writing throughout, Jenn. Thank you so much.

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