Chapter 24: Viridian

8 thoughts on “Chapter 24: Viridian”

    1. Boo was on her own the whole update. She is still glitching badly and Grape has become increasingly useless lately. I sent him out and had him get a job recently and he was at work a lot of the time.

      For the record, UM is probably my most favorite ever. She is actually pretty amazing.

  1. Poor Ultra, she get’s no love :*c. Boo’s spent all her care on her previous kids, she has no more left. I hope the glitchiness stops!!! I liked the story being told from UM’s POV, I still prefer your normal narrative but it was nice to have something different.

    1. Doing it that way was a very nice change. She also spent more time with siblings than Boo ever did after they moved out. It was nice, except Quicksand was mean! I wanted to box her ears.

      So far the game is running well. I think Lucky Palms is just too much world and population. I’m used to smaller worlds and populations at about 60.

  2. “I bet they wuv dat one more then they wuvs me.”

    Awww Ultramarine makes me sad.
    And Nova is taking the same role his dad did in mine. Taking care of the little one when the mom won’t do it.

    1. It’s the role that Grape played until the marriage went to hell. Then he decided the kids could follow her and now he just ignores them.

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