Chapter 23: Ultramarine

5 thoughts on “Chapter 23: Ultramarine”

  1. At least you’ve got traveling working, I haven’t been able to travel in quite some time. And Ultramarine is a darker shade of blue so that’s a bit different and maybe she won’t get the orange hair. 😀

    1. I have no clue what went wrong with this play session. It was horrible. It does do a bit of damage to the next update as well. I should have that up tomorrow. LOL

      UM is …different. LOL

  2. Aww, poor needy Supernova.

    Pistachio looks gigantic in her pics. Like hugely tall.

    Aww! Rose is so pretty!

    “Boo just caused 150 errors and deleted herself from the household.”
    :O. I guess she’s done with babies. >,<

    1. You can tell in the next update I did, how pissed off I was at Boo. I did not control her at all.

      I love ‘Nova. He’s a good kid otherwise.
      Pistachio looks HUGE in that pic, but only because the only reference is a teen and the angle of the pic. Even dressed, she is normal height. She is big boned, but thin looking. She’s an anomaly.

      Rose did turn out nicely

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