Chapter 22: Tiana and Tumbleweed

7 thoughts on “Chapter 22: Tiana and Tumbleweed”

  1. I hate Pregnancy lag. It was weird one of my pregnant sims went into labor, then she went to bed 0_o. I checked and she didn’t have the labor moodlet :c, I had to reset everything(mastercontroller) as soon as that was done I got the name baby popup.

    1. That is strange.

      I didn’t have any lag, just that in a new town having to make new friends and starting from scratch, it took two weeks to get her pregnant and by then I just wanted T kid to materialize out of thin air.

  2. oh my God, the child coming out of the well scared the beejezus out of me! It’s Samara!
    Seriously. Tiana is scarey. She and Xavier scare me.

    “I caught Boo cyber whoohooing with Cocoa. As soon as they were finished, he called her. ”
    Cocoa loves her so! It’s so adorable!

    I love Rosewood. I think she’s gorgeous. 😀 As is Supernova. He got his dad’s looks I think. Cute doe eyes!

      1. If I wanted to do villains I think the pair of them would be perfect. Lol
        Aww, so cute for Cocoa! Especially since Boo sleeps with other guys.

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