Chapter 21: Supernova

8 thoughts on “Chapter 21: Supernova”

  1. Rose is so freaking CUTE! I love her! I can’t wait until she’s ready to be shipped off to my game too 😀

    Holy crap another boy from Bronson! Wow! LoL and so cuuute! ❤ That's really weird he didn't show up to the hospital. Not like him at all.

    Quicksand did turn out really pretty!

    1. He’s actually a complete jerk in this game. Boo doesn’t even like him anymore LOL.

      I think this is Bronson’s first boy. The Beelinda boy was just born the other day and Boo’s boy a almost two weeks ago. Sucks about the orange hair though.

      Rose and Quick did turn out nicely.

    1. It’s horrible, Raina. I am so sick of Orange. I have to keep saying to myself, “There’s only six more to go”. I am ready to cross this off my to-do list.

  2. I can’t wait to see them in Lucky Palms. Stupid Bronson; my sim has only one kid and her baby daddy didn’t show up for his son’s birth, however that’s probably because the mother and father are enemies.

    1. Boo and Grape are right on the cusp of the friend bar. It is right in the middle and one interaction will either ruin the relationship or start it going again. I am trying to keep them apart.

      I think we had more dad’s show up than not, so it doesn’t bother me. Plus I usually reset the kid home and send Boo off to meet the next possibilities from the hospital.

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