20: Rosewood

11 thoughts on “20: Rosewood”

  1. Rose looks cute! :3
    * Are you using the Story Progression mod from NRaas? That can cause some lag. Also older towns can cause lag.

    1. I am using SP, but I’m used to that lag. Not sure what is causing this new one. They walk for two seconds and then it just stops for about 20 seconds and then they continue on for two seconds. I have taken out all 3rd party cc and most of my mods and it still hasn’t helped. Not sure what I’ll try doing next.

  2. I guess Bay Leaf and Richie really liked each other loL
    Quicksand is a cutey!
    Aww, of course Richie came to see his child born. But Cocoa is mad at Boo and that makes me sad. I like those two together. 😦
    Wow the girls fighting. Bet things are fun in the house.
    That’s really odd that Bronson lost his hair. It’s not CC hair. It’s Late Night hair that only a stylist can give. I can’t wait to see how he and Richie mix with Boo though.

    Poor Bronson *hugs him tight* He’s going to get everything he wishes for very, very soon. He just had to suffer… all this time. >,< LoL

    Pistachio still looks like a J-Pop star, now more than ever. She is so pretty too! I ❤ her!

    Rosewood is soo cute! And I love her name. I'd like to get her for my game whenever. She can meet her big brother Peru. 😀

    1. It was really weird! Especially since he had his hair in the previous update! I went on a deleting rampage, none of my games are playable anymore. In fact, my asylum saves were accidentally deleted when I uninstalled their island.

      I’ve been working them for two days with no luck. I still have my backups from the great computer crash. i will just replay the three updates and go from there.

      Pistachio and Rose are my favorites followed by Quicksand. Poor Bronson is still single in my game. I think he’s enjoying the quiet. Cocoa is half vampire 😀 He’ll never die! Yay! ahem.

      Bay Leaf and Richie got remarried and then a day later divorced 😐

    1. Yes, she is a cutie.

      It is actually Chapter 20, but the numbering started overlapping and confusing me. The chapters page has them normal. In the dropdown, you can see how the Doodleburger’s now go Chapter 1, 10, 11, 12 and then carries on with 3. Even 14 got lost somewhere. I might have to quit numbering them. It really, really bugs the heck out of me.

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