Chapter 19: Pistachio

6 thoughts on “Chapter 19: Pistachio”

  1. LMAO Boo farted to blow out the baby’s cake.

    Richie is having some fun I see. 😀 And green hair LoL Get ‘im Boo!
    I was so excited to see Bronson. You don’t even know. I like the purple highlights too. Not much different from the black in his hair. He’s so cute. ❤ Of course Boo wants to keep him forever. It's Bronson. 😀

    Richie married? And to a woman? He is in such denial. LoL I think it was just that he has been so hungry for love for so long. You got pre-Azure Richie. Those two are all about each other by the way. I want to move Azure in for him so badly. LoL

    Pistachio looks like a rockstar with that hair as a toddler, and a J-Pop star with that hair as a child. I love her!

    Orchid is gorgeous! Like some 30's sex idol or something. Even her name. When they age up I'd like she and Pistachio for sure. I'll start them both singing. LoL I don't know why they both make me think of singers.

    1. Richie is a butt. How dare he marry Boo’s granddaughter before he could knock Boo up! I hated to break up the marriage…like a tiny bit, but she got what she wanted..she always does. Bronson is still single. Boo has him listed next with permanent marker. LOL

      I really like how PIstachio and Orchid turned out too.

      Boo was such a dunce in regards to that cake. It’s the reason why I had them move. They kept glitching.

  2. Moon Raker is sooo pretty, I may just have to steal him for my WYDC. But I’m going to wait until I finish, then check out all your boys. Berried daddies is fun in a vanilla challenge.

    And yay for (finally) some genetic variety! Orchid and Pistachio are gorgeous. Even though green/blue would have suited her name, I love that Pistachio is all orange toned.

  3. Pistachio is sooo cute. ❤ I have to say she's the first one after Buttercup that orange hair doesn't make her look horrible (Orange hair/blue skin combo is bleh)
    Orchid is also pretty cute.

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