Chapter 18: Orchid

7 thoughts on “Chapter 18: Orchid”

  1. She didn’t open her mouth at all when singing (I hate when they do that) and that was funny enough. But then you said this:
    “Boo: My lips were meant to wrap around other things, not these words.
    Liang: *dies*”
    I died too. LMAO

    Oh neat, twallan made it so you can bring non-household members. That’s awesome! Why can’t EA hire smart people like Twallan?
    Cocoa is so freaking CUTE! I just love him every time I see him. He’s so sweet and affectionate!

    Nutmeg’s transition slides are hilarious!

    Olive and Oleander are GORGEOUS! You should share them please. 🙂

  2. I had Olive all ready to go, but forgot to put in the info screen that she was a genie along with a ghost. My game glitches with genies, so I like to warn people because they might have the problem too.

    Yes, Twallan did, but I haven’t tried it out yet to see. I know he fixed the issue where you came home with a child/almost teen instead of pregnant, but I wanted to see if it was true. Not sure if EA fixed it on their end though. EA doesn’t want to lose their whole “We’re the worst company to walk the planet” status. If they hired Twallan, then they quickly shoot up into the top 20 just by his presence alone. Of course, the customer service would stop them from progressing any higher though.

    I cheated. Cocoa is immortal in my game. I turned his aging off. I am keeping him forever. I’ll upload him next time I’m in game. He is in my bin too because I lubs him. He even came home from China and dumped Hibiscus,..that’s basically when I decided that as soon as Z is born, she’s running away with him. He NEVER calls her when she’s pregnant, but the minute she pops the kid out, he calls.

    1. I think it comes from Grape’s dad. He was used for genetic purposes only, like his mother and never really had a part in game. I have no clue who Lily is.

      1. Lily Seacreast is Apple’s 2nd wife and they have several children together. And Apple’s daughter Vivian has the hair.

      2. Oh ok…I just hit Apple’s generation this morning. Think I’m on Chapter 3 now. Is Eider related to her in anyway? Maybe it passed through him?

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