Chapter 16: Moon Raker

14 thoughts on “Chapter 16: Moon Raker”

  1. Don’t mind me…I’m having serious boredom issues and I keep playing around with the blog themes and appearance.. You’ll probably notice weird looking pics too. I can’t find a sizing that I like yet.

    1. I have no clue who it was. Some random religious nut or something. I get all kinds. I’m not sure if it is because Eiderberry was the first male that I actually showed pregnant? I have no clue. Grape is bi, so he has no problem with getting together with the male cast offs of Boo if they don’t have wives for him to hustle.

      Thanks! I was so bored yesterday when I decided to move the family, that I spent most of the morning on them. i might have to do a full SV Town makeover one day when I have finished a few projects.

  2. Uuu, how do you get the drop down menu to the right to link chapters? I like that!

    Moon Raker. I like that too. Some of the names people give to random color shades and hues are odd. LoL

    Cocoa Slush is so adorable. Even on his card. He stricks me as that overly sensitive artist guy. Who writes romantic songs and weeps openly.

    You are making it through this challenge WAY faster than I am. I feel slow as hell now. LOL

    Cornelia looks more appealing in those colors. I love it. LoL Jared Frio too. Love the hair color on he and Connor!

    BUAHAHAHA!!! I saw Hank Goddard’s pic and laughed. What a face, and with all that lemon yellow it was even more amusing.

    Little Bella looks like she has a badly recessed chin. O,o

    I had no idea you didn’t get sims 3 until Sims Social. Wow, that’s really recent. 🙂 I’m glad you did get it though. Sims Social is mostly frustrating and annoying compared to the actual games.

    Boo to the random trolling. I got trolled on my WYD too. It seems like the WYD challenge offends certain people. I was so pissed after it. It is a GAME! If they have a problem with same sex couples they’d HATE my game. :p Stupid idiots.

    1. Poor Bella. She was actually caught like a split second before she aged up to teen. I think she was getting ready to cheer.

      Sims Social, yep. Never played Sims 2 but i vaguely remember Sims 1.

      In the categories I start by entering the Chapter number and the parent (boo’s boo boos). then I do a quick edit and add the chapter and parent category to each post, and then in the Category widget I have it checked off to List in dropdown and show Heirarchy.

      I might de-vamp Cocoa Slush one day. I do have him saved to the bin for future torture.

      I’m only making it through faster because I have no life! LOL

      Some of the makeovers were really good. I couldn’t get a good pic of the French girl’s because the chicks hair was impaling the little girl right through the face and it was scary creepy.

      1. Oh and also, I have been considering doing a male version of a WYD, but different..making up a bunch of new rules, but then I get messages that are so mean and idiotic, that I start to rethink doing it or maybe doing it but not posting it.

    1. He is a cutie. I also got pics of Eider’s twin girls. I’m not sure where they go their hair (I’m only on the very first post of generation 3 of your wishacy right now), you’ll have to let me know when I post them later.

  3. Just FYI, you can buy all the properties from your phone or computer. It is an instant purchase also – so no having to go through partial owner to full owner – you can just click on the buy button and it gives you instant full ownership. 🙂

    Getting caught up on the reading – love all the color 🙂

  4. I got a few random comments on my WYDC – including someone who thought Bebe was horrible to Asa by sleeping around but didn’t seem to think it was that bad that Asa was doing exactly the same.

    Anyhoo, Moon is ADORABLE, as is his daddy.

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