Chapter 15: Loblolly

6 thoughts on “Chapter 15: Loblolly”

  1. I’m about to leave work and only made it part of the way through this. I also have more comments on the first part but I couldn’t go without saying that Jelly Bean looks just like Christina Ricci.

    1. Oh, I know. I am really starting to hate the color orange. Boo’s father had orange hair and her mother had pink. That orange is overpowering. I always, always hope the kids look like the father…especially with how uber yummy Eider is. I keep meaning to get pics of the twins, but they are ghosts, so I keep overlooking them.

  2. I’m glad your cowplant didn’t eat JB, but I’m really disappointed in it. That’s the second time someone has said it spits the sims back out. The original cowplant just plain ate them. 😦

    Illusion still looks like a zombie. I think it’s the glowing eyes, making his eyes look glazed over and the hair and skin combo. It’s pretty awesome!

    Key Lime turned out awesome!

    Ohh Loblolly is a color. I really like the word LoL It’s a fun word to say.

    Aww, what a sad face Cocoa made. his mommy died. 😦

    Loblolly is a cute kid. Nice features on him so far.

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