Chapter 13 – Illusion and Jelly Bean

5 thoughts on “Chapter 13 – Illusion and Jelly Bean”

  1. I thought you could only count each dad for one thing? Not that I’ve bothereed to follow that, but did it change and you can count all of their unique traits on one dad?
    Caramel Apple… that sounds familiar…. And he is gorgeous btw.

    Illusion looks like a ZOMBIE!!! O,O *is horrified by zombie toddler*

    1. Yes, it’s stated in the rules because of how many careers are in the cluster and how it’s set up. If it was one dad per item, then you’d end up needing about 40 babies. 12 zodiac dads, 4 occult dads, 3 tourist dads, 6 celebrity dads and then however many careers..I think there’s only 13 listed luckily. That’s a lot of babies if done separately.

      He’s a maid, but I ran out of townies, and I don’t allow NPC woohoo, so he had to be put into a house, berried and renamed Caramel Apple.

      Personally, I thought Illusion was cute.

      1. Ohhh! Yes that makes sense. I haven’t gone over the TS3 rules you posted.
        Illusion is cute. 🙂 But looks liek a zombie to me. I like that. 😀

      2. LOL!

        I have one more baby to have Boo pop out for another update. I will then be uploading Golden Fizz and the triplets.

  2. Naw, Illusion is so cute! He has Boo’s eyes, but yeah, the rest is a daddy clone. Makes a change from Splash genes, I guess?

    But aw, no pretty red skin from Mr Apple? Damn that skintone bias!

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