Chapter 12 – Snaring the Elusive Vampire

4 thoughts on “Chapter 12 – Snaring the Elusive Vampire”

  1. What bothers me most about the pop up regarding Dandelion. It says : “her said yes”. /facepalm
    What happened at the start of this chapter? Plague?! Guinea pig disease was brought back wasn’t it! You never played TS1 did you? The disease was awful!

    Do you have a dojo in your town?

    Granite. 😀 Did you save him?

    “Grape: Whatever either of you do, don’t get married. You either spend your time making babies that you never see or you spend that time raising kids that aren’t yours.”
    The caveman gnome’s photobombing had me cracking up too.
    Inch Worm. Hahahaha! You should have totally gone with that.

    1. LOL I see that so much, that I don’t even read it the wrong way anymore.

      I don’t recall ever playing TS1 but that was like 50 yrs ago, so I might have actually. Not sure what was going on either. I think Starburst shores just had a population that was pretty close in age. Those took place over a two week period (as did the update), I just put them all at the beginning so I didn’ t have to deal with them all the way through.

      Zephyr Hill does have a dojo in town.

      Granite is not yet YA…I will definitely be putting him up for you as soon as he’s ready (I got the Fudge’s last update and working on Peach’s first right now).

      Inch Worm…I still giggle over that.

  2. Wow, what was with your vampire? Hard to get is putting it mildly! I remember reading that Boo did all the charisma challenges to make her BF with everyone she meets… random. Maybe he was unflirty, or something. They’re really hard to nab if they’re unflirty!

    LOL at random naked green guy. EA puts the most random clothes in inappropriate categories.

    Yeah, don’t procreate with your hubby’s kids, that’s just ew. I even drew the line at using the brothers/sons of previous daddies. We want genetic variety, people!

  3. Almost sad that Boo prefers Mint over Grape. But she still wants to woohoo him all the time. Makes up for having a two-week affair with a vampire “because no lullaby”. She must have used protection without you knowing just to have another go at him…

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