Chapter 10 – Golden Fizz

8 thoughts on “Chapter 10 – Golden Fizz”

  1. Aww Azure. Then again… labor does make for a lame party LoL
    Yay GF is not blue and orange! I really really like his eye coloring with the black hair. If you think about it could you upload him later? He’s so Halloween colored, I love him!
    Dandy! Naughty!

    1. LOL. it was a lame party before Boo tried to liven it up the only way she could!
      GF turned out amazing. I will upload as soon as he hits YA. I am actually playing this through now..he has 6 more days unless he can sneak a few honor roll days and a romantic interest of some sort.
      Dandy is super naughty.

  2. How do you set the re-name pop up? I used to have it in an old version of master controller, but in the new cheats version I can’t find it! >.<

    1. I’m actually in game right now so let me check this out.

      Twallan’s Story Progression, General Option, Pregnancy and scroll down to the bottom to Rename Newborns.

  3. Golden Fizz is cute as a button. Ah, the WYDC ALL THE KIDS LOOK THE SAME curse. All WYDC pkayers have been there. Sympathies.

  4. Well, I’ve got to take a break from reading. I cannot tell you enough how much I enjoyed the story so far, and will pick it up soon. 🙂
    I do not mind so much what the babies look like, the story really is what interests me most. I must say, though, over all Boo’s kids turn out gorgeous. No wonder, she is a strikingly beautiful woman.

  5. I am now grateful that my WYDC mother was made from the bin, not born in game – she’s have stronger genetics than she already does. You’re right, blue skin/orange hair combo is getting old very fast – and we’re only up to baby G!

    But Golden Fizz is a cutie! His skin barely looks blue – though I suppose it’s like Boo’s, right on the pale end of the scale.

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