Chapter 9.5 – Grape’s Interlude

14 thoughts on “Chapter 9.5 – Grape’s Interlude”

  1. Ha! He got revenge! Poor Bronson, I’ve tried a couple times for him and it NEVER works. Something always happens. /rues Richie
    Of Course Bronson is such a sweetheart, he could never do what Grape is up to.

      1. You also have some other stuff turned off don’t you? Like false rumors? I don’t have any mods that give them relationship scores either, might only help when you have those?

      2. I have no clue. I just click on Boo and scan room is an option there. It never occurred to me that it was a mod sort of thing. False rumors is off, but everything else is on. Right now Grape and Boo are trading Naughty reputations like mad, then clean slate, then right back to naughty reps. Only Grape has the option to confess to cheating right now, though.

        The no false accusation is not in the relationships, it is under Celebrity.

  2. All of your chapters are good, but the tone in this one was quite special. Grape becomes an expert at passionate crimes… of sort.

    1. If I remember correctly, I was saving all of Grape’s pics up and most documented were before he died. I really cannot remember that far back.

      1. Omg, good luck. I’m called the challenge whore for a very good reason. Now, I just need to find the time to play again.

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