Chapter 9 – Frosted Mint

6 thoughts on “Chapter 9 – Frosted Mint”

  1. I started reading this one day at work and got too busy and I think it’s been two days that it’s slow and I’m reading again. I saw that new header and had to comment right away. Haha Anyway, here is what I had meant to say:

    That house is crazy strange!
    Spotted Sixam? OMG! They named it after Maxis (Maxis is so named because Will Wright got his idea at 6am – six am) Ha, that is awesome! I’m glad to see they give them some tribute. It makes me miss Maxis all the more though. 😦 😦 😦
    I read “Lil AC” as a guy called “Lilac” LOL
    Buttercup turned out pretty! So did Clover, but Ember looks weird.
    Less than a real minute travel time sounds heavenly. I’ll never have that. >,<
    For all the babies I've had I STILL have no baby gnome. I feel cheated. you got the cowplant! I will have him someday. 😀 I like TS2 stuffs. They should being more over. Love the DJ booth too. in TS2 I couldn't keep my sims away from it. Fun, but annoying. LoL
    I love Zee's face at the baby announcement. Haha

    1. Oh how funny about the Sixam. I had no clue. He has a name now though, it’s Sylvester. LOL

      In my head, he’s a lilac rapper, so I call him Lil.
      It only lasted 3 sim weeks, now I need people to start dying off…badly. Starting to slow little by little.

      I actually was asked a question, which reminded me that I had Shimrod’s gnome family planner. It spawns a baby gnome every two days :O It has been removed LOL

      Zee did make an awesome face. LOL

  2. Wow, so many baby gnomes! I rarely get the ‘normal’ ones, so don’t get many baby gnomes. I love watching them grow up.

    I like Clover’s looks, she’s pretty, even if she did get vanilla hair (which isn’t so bad if all the others get berried).

    So many blue babies – Boo isn’t that blue, though maybe she’s on the pale end? Stupid EA’s lack of skintone blending.

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