Chapter 8 – Time to Pack it Up

3 thoughts on “Chapter 8 – Time to Pack it Up”

  1. Ugh! At least you had warning of the social worker so you could save him. I say it’s legit since it was lag and not gameplay that did it. But who am I to talk? I only follow guidelines, and can never seem to follow detailed rules. /shrug
    HOLY!!! She does look like the girl from The Ring, especially with that hair, and she scared the crap out of me when I scrolled down and saw her. LMAO

    Do you package them with mods and move them? I never could figure that out although lots of people talked of doing it.

    1. No, just cc that is good. Mods, hacks, slider and skins don’t get merged. Just because mods are (normally) updated super frequently and you would be forever having to redo them. Plus, I know for a fact that I accidentally merged my scatter genes color thingy and they couldn’t be used anymore.

      She so creeped me out! OMG! I put that hair on her and just about died. You should see her now though. I moved them to an new town, but it was so big, that with the people I took and the NPC’s, my population hit almost 300. o.O I am now rebuilding a the Berry Zephyr Hill by TUF. Been working on it all day. I went to save my Jericho town and it took 15-20 minutes.

      I didn’t think it was cheating, but I went to save the game legitimately and found out that the social worker was coming that way.

  2. So much red hair. Boo, your genes are way too strong! Boo for Dandelion coming out so ugly. I’ve had some strange looking sims, procreating with the townies of Moonlight Falls – very few face ones there!

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