Chapter 7 – Dandelion and Ember

6 thoughts on “Chapter 7 – Dandelion and Ember”

  1. Azure. ❤
    I'm glad you got Grape back. That really sucks. That was why I refused to let Bronson put fires out too. And he got handiness up really high before I let him repair. LoL

    I love Lilac Breasted Rollers! They make a hideous noise but they are gorgeous birds! I want one in the sims so badly. But Bridgeport has next to no spawners, and I deleted one to put in the huge venue on top of the butterfly garden. =/

    1. That bird was found in Egypt. I think it’s still in her inventory. Oh and what I thought was a hawk, turned out to be a Falcon. I’m so lame.

      Poor Grape. I was so shocked (oh gosh, I have to stop the puns XD) when he died; I needed him alive darn it. Oh well. I guess he will be the ghost daddy at the end of the challenge.

  2. I hope you find out what was causing the lag. I know when my sims were in a band the lagged killed me. I’d show up 2 hours early, when I told them to play their instruments it took them another 2 hours to start, it wasn’t fun :c.

    1. I always have some sort of lag or another. It usually shows up when my town hits the 8-9 week mark. I hate it. I also tend to use Twallan’s porter mod and take everyone with me. I hate leaving family behind, but it they will probably have to be left behind sooner or later.

  3. LOL, so much lilac! I’ve been lucky with fave colours – only 3 or 4 duplicates, and we’re up to baby I. Azure is really cute – I may just look into downloading some of your boys to be daddies for mine.

    I keep laughing when I recognise a piece of your CC as one of mine. Poppy sims is amazing!

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