Addition to the Rules and a Minor Spoiler

4 thoughts on “Addition to the Rules and a Minor Spoiler”

  1. He died? >,<
    That sucks! I wish there was some help for the celebrity crap too. The relationship between Elvira and Bronson is literally irreparable without cheats. Has she addressed celebrity at all?

    1. She has no jealousy and Stone hearted. Shit rolls off of her. When she kisses in public, she GAINS celebrity. The only thing I have is that I turned off false accusations. That is the lamest thing ever.

      Other than that, she brings all the guys home and the kids are either at school or out on the town. I send Grape out to play his guitar for tips. I think two of the kids peed on themselves in public and they lost all of their friends. She is currently a 3 star celebrity.

      1. I also get the bad stuff for having babies out of wedlock. I guess if she were married again it might not? But she gets told on for cheating too. Those aren’t false and they make the whole town hate her slowly =/

      2. Give her Stone Hearted, No jealousy, Inappropriate in a good way and Above Reproach.

        Oh crap! I don’t have paparazzi in my game. The new save does though. Let’s see if that was the difference. I forgot all about that.

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