Chapter 6 – Work and Manhunting

6 thoughts on “Chapter 6 – Work and Manhunting”

  1. Hahaha! Her pouty face portrait is so funny!
    Azure. ❤ Gay you say? Does he per chance like tall, handsome men with squared jaws and elaborate facial expressions? I've got one who needs a man who's actually INTERESTED in him. /huffs

    1. hahahahaha! He is very, very gay. I will load the game up and age him up in CAS then upload him for poor Richie. Richie will be an elder before Azure finally ages up, and it doesn’t seem like we’ll ever see another boy again. LOL

      That was puke face. She started to vomit, I couldn’t pass that up.

  2. You’ve used Showtime so much more than I’ve managed to yet. How are you doing all these blogs AND doing them so fast?

    1. Now that I’m home and have my eyeballs on..LOL I love Showtime. I had so much fun with Boo and the acrobat job.

      Basically, I work from home when I have work, I don’t have cable, I live in the middle of nowhere and I don’t drive at all. I basically only leave my house on the weekends. So, Sims passes my time nicely. I also only average 3-6 hours of sleep.

  3. I so should have read your blog before I started mine – all these cool ideas, like trophy areas for the kids, and painting the portraits. But I’m a fair way through now, so not happening. Maybe I’ll just have to do this challenge again, or take these ideas for a different one.

    Flopps is so cute! As is Clover, yay for no red/orange hair!

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