Chapter 5 – Clover

5 thoughts on “Chapter 5 – Clover”

    1. I don’t know how I missed this comment. I love both kids of these kids. The Splash genes tend to be overpowering so far. It shows up somehow in all kids.

  1. I love Buttercup’s (and Boo’s) blue eyes – so blue! But you’re right, all of the colouring is Splash thus far – hopefully some of the future kiddies can take the colours from their fathers.

    I don’t often play full berries, because I’m so bad at naming them. Though all the fun colourings makes me want to try another berry game.

    1. Every single one of these guys are named after a color. That’s how bad I am at naming…LOL

      I got really annoyed with Blue’s dominant genes. Really annoyed.

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