Chapter 5 – Clover

We left off with the confirmation that #3 was on the way. Yay for babies!


Buttercup was shocked to find out that I didn’t make her a birth card.  So, I made it to make her happy.


We did buy a set of books and she loved them.


Snuggles came to life previously and now we know a little bit more about him/her.  They still aren’t close enough to be able to make it real, but there’s no rush.


The books were the last thing that little Buttercup needed.  Now she is about to have some cake.


It’s like she’s peering into my soul.  Those eyes are seriously blue.


Her and Azure have a billion toys, but they always end up back here, on the blocks.


Floppy is madly played with after she maxes the blocks skills.


We had her birthday late enough in the night that she had an extra day before having to start school.  She spent it in her new sprinkler.


Her LTW is Illustrious Author.  She is practicing her writing for a wish. Next she will be sent off to painting and writing classes.  None of the kids can share LTW.  Azure wants to be a singer.


Azure is still on the honor roll.  He is not going to get caked early. He does have 5 best friends from school..well 4 from school and Boo.


This is where Boo has been for 3 days.  Maxing her cooking skill and reading recipes.  She has all except the super expensive ones.

Buttercup:  Pregnant moms are awesome!

Boo learned Frogs Legs and Tri Tip Tofu Steak for the kids.  Grape is easy with a favorite of French Toast.  She made that last.  We still have not found her food recipe, mainly because I keep forgetting what it is.


After dinner is mommy/daughter time.  Then off to bed so that Butercup is well-rested for her first day of school.



The next morning found Boo back in the kitchen.  She has to make 5 perfect dishes.


Too bad the baby had other ideas.


She’s only a one-star celebrity, but she is level 8 in her job.  I think that would be the reason why she has a limo take her wherever she goes.


I bring you Clover Splash.


Oh gosh, Crème don’t follow her home!  I think the kids are off to school at least.


Well, I guess not.


..and he did follow her home.  She put Clover in the swing and got rid of Crème real quick.


Floppy made his/her appearance finally.  Took a lot less time for Buttercup than it did for Azure.  I think Azure’s IF took almost a week of constant playing to become alive.


Boo:  Do you get the feeling that something creepy is watching you?
Azure:  Umm..I have no clue what you’re talking about.
Snuggles:  *giggle*


Azure: Here drink this!
Snuggles:  Will it really work?
Azure:  Only one way to find out, silly.




Grape:  I want purple lights and bubbles too!!!


Child bonding going on here!


Grape loves the baby.  It’s so sweet, even if he is so totally clueless.


We got the rest of her information now that she is in the portrait panel.


Buttercup has learned all  she can about Floppy.


Can’t have a baby without a swing pic.  Just think guys, only 23 more swing pics to go!


Buttercup wants her IF real too.  So they play… a lot.


This is their only pillow fight though oddly enough.  They also only played tag once too.  I think someone laced the blocks with crack or something.   The treehouse and seesaw are untouched still.  No one has gone in the pool.  Boring kids.


Snuggles is off for her first day of school.  She looks petrified.

That pretty much does it for this update.  A nice quick one and another will follow tomorrow  probably

5 thoughts on “Chapter 5 – Clover

    • I don’t know how I missed this comment. I love both kids of these kids. The Splash genes tend to be overpowering so far. It shows up somehow in all kids.

  1. I love Buttercup’s (and Boo’s) blue eyes – so blue! But you’re right, all of the colouring is Splash thus far – hopefully some of the future kiddies can take the colours from their fathers.

    I don’t often play full berries, because I’m so bad at naming them. Though all the fun colourings makes me want to try another berry game.

    • Every single one of these guys are named after a color. That’s how bad I am at naming…LOL

      I got really annoyed with Blue’s dominant genes. Really annoyed.

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