Chapter 4 – Buttercup

4 thoughts on “Chapter 4 – Buttercup”

    1. I know. I like the genetic aspect of this challenge. I am actually going to have to break down and send Boo to China and Al Simhara to meet men I think.

      I love how she meets, chooses a baby gender, then gets a dirty moodlet after the woohoo. Kills me every time.

  1. Dirty moodlet? Is that from Woohooer/Karma Simtra? Strange! Though I love that she’s choosing genders for babies right away! My sims never do that until they pop with the pregnancy.

    Lol at baby daddy B aging to elder after woohoo – I guess Boo wore him out!

    Does Boo know what challenge she’s in? Maybe that might help all the guilty feelings?

    1. Yes, most moodlets are from woohooer. Mine usually roll the want to read a pregnancy book then the gender on the same day as the chime. I think they secretly already know.

      Yes, she wore the whole darn town out and the next two…or was it 5?
      Boo never caught on. She was never really attached to any man (that I recall), but she always got the adulterer moodlet.

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