Chapter 3 – Azure

4 thoughts on “Chapter 3 – Azure”

  1. Ooo I love Azure’s coloring! He’s so cute as a child too! I ❤ him already! *hintmakehimdownloadablepleasehint* 😀
    The acrobat stuff looks so fun! I haven't really messed with Bronson's magic tricks except to send him out. Now that it says "level 3 OR higher" though I can. I swear before the stamps said ONLY a certain level. I even got disqualified for the first stamp when he hit level 3. And yet I haven't seen a new patch =/
    OMG the bull! I need one LOL

    Hurray! I'm glad you got the YA so quickly. If I were to do the challenge again I'd focus on that first for sure. When I first started though it was Ambrosia. SO glad for that chemistry instead. Way easier!

    1. He is still a teen in my game. As soon as he ages up, I will put him up.

      Change of subject post: OOOH! Also, I am in with Arvin. I will be putting his link up in about 10 minutes through mediafire along with Rajani – end change of subject.

      The potion is easier, but when you only get paid randomly, 4k is a lot to pay every time you need it. Same with the 12k ambrosia recipe, although I have never made it before. Best bet is the Age Freeze potion. I just got three. One for the 100 baby mama and two for this fam.

      The bull is big fun. Oh I love the acrobat stuff. She is level 9 in my game. I sent Boo out, but I don’t really understand how it works yet.

  2. Wow, I was going to comment and ask about Azure’s hair, then the very next picture answered the question – his orange hair came from Boo’s dad! That combo is very cute. And I love how his eye colour matches his hair.

    Nice work, perform for tips in the street and don’t have to call for a baby sitter. I shall have to remember that.

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