Chapter 2 – Heading for the Big Time

6 thoughts on “Chapter 2 – Heading for the Big Time”

  1. LoL I like how the dad and the first baby daddy became enemies. Interesting that the guy liked when she kicked him out. Sleeze.
    So it begins.
    She have any clebrity status? It is such a pain in this challenge. The rumor crap kills friendships and potential baby daddies. I wish I could turn it off.

    1. I can turn off false accusations in Master Controller. Otherwise, I have to deal with the rumors. Right now (current chapter 6) she has a naughty reputation, which didn’t affect her postively or negatively. She has like 1 star. The whole town has 1 star. I have no ghosts or vampires either;.

      He was so creepy. I’m not sure if it was him or the coloring of the makeover I gave him. Reminds me of a someone you’d hide your kids from,.

      1. I got rid of all my cc except a few female clothes, hair and shoes. The rest is about to follow soon, furniture, patterns and junk. I couldn’t play without Twallan. He is so good about keeping the mods updated and answering all of my stupid questions when I break something. I have never had an issue with his mods that wasn’t easily fixed by him or was directed on what I did wrong.

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