Chapter 1 – Moving Out

7 thoughts on “Chapter 1 – Moving Out”

    1. Cool. I guess when I got mad and shut my game down about an hour ago, Bronson’s show went on. I didn’t know the game couldn’t be running for it to go though. I was hoping that Boo could go watch.

      Don’t worry, only two chapters are stories…then I decided it was crap and stopped. LOL

      1. Well she’ll have more opportunity to watch. LoL I have lots of stamps to get.
        That’s odd that it went when you shut it down though.
        Yeah I thought about the story thing, I write them seperately. Not about sims but I have a fantasy world that I write in, and I prefer that. I like to just commentary the sims. Just my preference personally although reading stories others do with them is also cool. You should just write it how you prefer. Your commentary way is hilarious, btw. 😀

  1. I got stuck in one of my posts. Not exactly writer’s block, but close. So, I started roaming and found this. Brilliant, Jenn! 🙂

    1. Thanks! I have a billion stories floating around LOL

      I hope you get your story sorted out. I’m kind of in a block of non-updating time. Been working on the games, just haven’t been in the mood to write them up.

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