Baby D

Welcome back, last time Aiden grew into a child, Brayan grew into a toddler, Aiden got a B by wishing well, they got a brother named Cody from the wishing well, Magnus moved in, and Baby D is incubating.

This will be short chapter since this baby was supposed to be the C baby, but the ghost Cody, took that spot.

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Baby A

Test Subject: Whisper Rose Traits: Family Oriented, Creative, Romantic Aspiration: Big Happy Family Career:  Scientist Dwelling: Bargain Bend, Styled Room: Kitchen, bedroom and bathroom.  Partial styled room: Living room. Lot Traits: On Ley Land, Chef’s Kitchen, Home Studio Lot value after depreciation: $16,483 Starting money: $6. Who’s Your Daddy, a children’s story gets started. The … Continue reading Baby A

Sims 4 WYDC

Well, EA finally did it. I am so happy that we have toddlers now.  This means that I am breaking down and writing up rules for the Sims 4 version of the Who’s Your Daddy? Challenge. I will be playing it and writing it up and I will post up progress here. I have every … Continue reading Sims 4 WYDC